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North Plains Awarded State Grant for UGB Expansion Area Concept Planning

tgm_logoAugust 2023 - The City of North Plains has been awarded a $230,000 grant for Urban Growth Boundary Expansion (UGB) area concept planning from the Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program (TGM), a joint program of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD).

Concept planning for the approved UGB expansion area will begin this fall and will identify residential and employment land areas and uses, the transportation network, utilities, parks and trails, and funding sources. Throughout this process, ODOT, DLCD and Washington County will support the City in planning for the future growth. Robust community engagement with a variety of in-person and online opportunities for community input, as well as continued communications with affected landowners, will also remain priorities.

“Our decisions on how to expand the UGB have been thoughtful and deliberate,” said North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan, “Some of the original community members who planned the last UGB expansion in the early 2000s have been a part of this current process, and we have and will continue to work with residents, as well as local, regional and state partners to ensure that our vision meets the needs of a city our size.”

North Plains is the fastest-growing city in the Portland area, and the PSU Population Research Center, the state-recognized population forecaster, predicts that North Plains will grow from the current 3,410 residents to 7,076 by 2040. All Oregon cities are required by state law to plan for and accommodate a 20-year supply of land for predicted population and employment growth.

“We are thankful for the state and local partners who support North Plains’ balanced UGB planning,” said North Plains City Council President Russ Sheldon, “This important planning process will ensure that, as our population expands, we have a good balance of affordable housing, accessible neighborhoods, job centers, proper zoning, street connections, water delivery, parks, and trails.”

“As part of Washington County’s silicon forest economy, North Plains has the unique opportunity to contribute to the state’s and the local economy, and also to do residential concept planning that provides high livability and multimodal connectivity between neighborhoods, places of employment, recreation opportunities, and needed commercial services for this community,” said North Plains City Manager Andy Varner.

North Plains Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Background

After many years of research, planning, and public discussions, in June 2023 the North Plains City Council approved an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion scenario and a full UGB Expansion Report recommended by both the North Plains UGB Advisory Committee and the City Planning Commission. North Plains has reached its limit for buildable land supply within City limits and Oregon law requires that we plan for and accommodate a 20-year supply of land for predicted population growth. Read more background, current UGB Expansion project news, and answers to frequently asked questions at www.northplains.org/UGB.